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    Moving/upg dbs from HP-UX IA64 (oracle to Linux (oracle


      I would like to migrate few dbs from OS HP-UX IA64 and oracle version to Linux RHEL64 with oracle using expdp/impdp.
      For now, the main steps i list are the following:
      1) create an empty target db (with all the catalog, tbs needed) from the source init.ora configuration file.
      2) expdp full the source
      3) impdp full into the target

      My questions are about the 3) point:
      1) Can i import in FULL mode from to or do i have to use the Exclude clause to avoid to overwrite "Oracle system users"
      (for example EXCLUDE=SCHEMA:\"IN\(\'SYS\',\'SQLTXPLAIN\',\'DIP\',\'ORACLE_OCM\',\'EXFSYS\',\'DBSNMP\',\'XDB\',\'SYSTEM\',\'WMSYS\',\'OUTLN\'\)\")?

      2) If the impdp full is possible, do you have to re-run hte catalog scripts?

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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