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    ATG CSC search : invalid field name exceptions

      When I search for an order in the CSC, using some specific criteria I've identified, in the log files generated by ATG search the following exception is displayed:

      "ERROR : Server : 0 : Invalid field name: creationdate"

      For example, the message displayed above appears when I use the order creation date as criteria.
      However, the results displayed in the CSC are correct, considering the creation date entered in the form.

      I've checked the file order-output-config.xml and it seems to be correct.
      These exceptions only happen in our production environment. In the testing enviroment, we have the same CSC application and the same file order-output-config.xml but no exception is generated.

      Has anyone ever seen this exception?

      I've search for it in the ATG docs but with no chance.

      Following the file order-output-config.xml :

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE item PUBLIC "-//Art Technology Group, Inc.//DTD Repository Ouput Specifier 1.0//EN" "http://www.atg.com/dtds/search/indexing-dependency-schema.dtd">

      <item item-descriptor-name="order" xml-combine="append">
      <property name="contextIdx" type="string" store-as-meta-index="true" output-name="storeReference"/>
      <property name="displayedState" is-non-repository-property="true" type="string" store-as-meta-index="true"/>
      <property name="creationDate" type="date" store-as-meta-index="false"/>
      <item property-name="shippingGroups">
      <property name="$repositoryId" type="string" store-as-meta-index="true" output-name="shippingGroups.shippingGroupId" suppress="false"/>
      <property name="address" type="string" property-accessor="/atg/userprofiling/search/AddressPropertyAccessor" store-as-meta-index="true" is-non-repository-property="true"/>
      <property name="state" type="string" store-as-meta-index="true"/>
      <property name="displayedState" is-non-repository-property="true" type="string" store-as-meta-index="true"/>

      Thank you in advance for your collaboration.