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    11g equivalent of "Web Interceptor - input" method from 10 g

      We are currently on 10g and are looking to migrate to 11g.
      For interactive activities we currently use the "Web Interceptor - input" method to render the UI. We pass this method an URL of an external application which takes care of displaying the screen to the participant.
      http://otndnld.oracle.co.jp/document/products/bea/weblogic/E13154_01/pdf/OracleBPM-StudioGuide_10.3.pdf - Pg 312 of this document talks about the input method in 10g that I am referring to.

      Looks like this is no longer supported in 11g. All documentation I came across talks about auto generating forms from objects using ADF, but I haven't found anything about how to tie an activity to a custom jsp or external application for rendering the UI. What are my options if I want to retain the external application for displaying the UI at the activities instead of having to rebuild it using ADF?

      Note: We would like to retain the out of the box portal provided by Oracle for displaying the user's inbox and queues. I assume if we built our own portal, we could make some sort of API calls to the engine to complete activities and move instances forward.

      Any suggestions?