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    unable to make human task userinterface project

    saeed zamani
      Dear all
      I use jdeveloper
      i copied one of my BPM projects, renamed the application name and changed the components and so on.
      now i can not make the form for my hyman tasks.
      when i try to use auto generate task form, the generated page are empty and related data control is empty too.
      on the other hand, when i try to add a task flow based on human task on a generic project, the associated data control is empty and i face no error.

      so, i unable to generate any task form for my human tasks. and unfortunately my huge application is out of order now.
      when i try to develop a new application or when i work on my older ones, there is no problem for generating task form.

      can anyone please help me with this problem?
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          Hello, I am new to BPM. But I hope this will help.

          If the form and related data control is empty, I think it means you don't even have data associate with human task.

          Several things I will check if I were: business objects, process data objects, data association on each human task, data of each human task. check if those data are valid and are there. since you copied the projects, so some routes may changed but you didn't notice. and application itself won't change it for you.

          Hope it helps,

          Good luck,