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    SQL developer

    Reddy G

      can we connect to server instance from locally installed SQL developer(note:I dont have oracle client installed in my sys),I have TNS entry for it..
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          You can directly connect using jdbc thin method without install the oracle client in your local.

          SQL Developer's default connection to the database is using the thin JDBC driver.
          Defaulting to using the JDBC thin driver means there is no requirement for an Oracle
          client install minimizing the configuration and footprint.


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            Reddy G
            Thanks for ur replay..

            can you tell me what information i need to provide for JDBC...in SQL developer I can see Custom JDBC URL option in Advanced part..
            is there doc which will provide the step by step..
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              Jim Smith
              Youdon't need to use the Advanced connection, Basic connection is sufficient.

              You just need to provide a host, port number (probably 1521), and a SID or SERVICE. You can get these from the tnsnames file if you have one or from your DBA.