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    Creating physical standby through Cloud Control 12C fails

      I have a SR with MOS on physical standby setup through Cloud Control 12C. My setup is two Exadata Quarter RAC X2-2 installations and i'm setting up primary standby/between those two installations. Lets call them exa1db01(primary) and exa2db01(standby).
      I'm using Cloud version and agents on the latest version and patch. We just upgraded before Christmas. When i try to create a physical standby it fails on the transfer stage with below error:

      "Uncaught exception in command fileTransfer: unable to instantive value javax.xml.bind.JAXBE1ement@46dd1e39 for attribute actualException"

      At the moment its sent to developement so i have to wait for a fix. The reason for posting here is that i cant believe that this is not working on Cloud Control This is basic functionality and i'm amazed that this is a bug. Our Exadata installation is running on BP10 so it should be fairly fresh.
      I truly believe the problems needs to be somewhere in our installation or the connectivity between our Exadata environments. Do any of you have any experience with DG through Cloud on that participial version ?