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    Can Golden Gate be used to create a 3rd node ?

      We are presently running Streams, and are determining if Golden Gate is worth going to. We have a present Master to Master. Can Golden Gate be easily used to create a third master ? If I had an empty schema on the 3 site, can I use datapump to synch it up ? Does anyone have experience with this or is it documented anywhere ?

      Thank you.
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          Sure can - do the install, given that the data is large enough in volume, using Data Pump or transportable tablespaces is going to be faster than initial load using GoldenGate. Get the target caught up (so while you are doing the instantiation and data loading, you are running extract on the source, and then those trails can be applied to get the target caught up). When you are all synched, you now have master 1 and the GoldenGate target database as your master-master. What you also have to take into account is bidirectional replication, so part of the work is going to be setting up the extract, (GoldenGate) datapump (same name, wish that would get changed one of these days), and replicat. Also, are you doing DDL replication?

          Another factor to consider is the cost. Streams is free, GoldenGate is not (by far). But, GoldenGate is much easier to use. But if Streams works fine, what is your ROI on switching over? If you were starting from scratch and had the funds, I'd go with GoldenGate. Otherwise, you'd really have to sell some people on why spending a significant amount of money is worth it/better than what you have now, IMHO.
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            I believe the current implementation has DDL, but it's an operational system, and we don't expect DDL updates on a regular basis.

            This particular program hasn't gotten along with streams. For example --- They take down the 2nd server to reduce power as as in Hurricane Sandy, don't tell the DBAs and expect a normal recovery. Also since Oracle is moving away from Streams, it would be Golden Gate or another vendor, in the long run.

            It sounds like you have a favorable experience with Golden Gate. My biggest concern is as we increase operations, that the trail files will cause more maintenance, with filling up space and dealing with them.

            Also have you had any experience with recovery scenarios and GG ? or should I post that in another thread ?
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              As far as maintenance of trail files is concerned, GG can manage it itself and purge old trail files which it had processed.
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                The statement of direction doesn't say that Streams is going away; it's just not going to be enhanced any further.
                Oracle Streams continues to be supported but will not be enhanced to support any new
                database features in future releases. This means that Streams will continue to support
                exactly what it supports today (11.2) in future releases. It also means that any new
                database features, data types, or capabilities will not be supported by Streams.
                Customers who want to take advantage of the new data types and features will need to
                license Oracle GoldenGate. >


                But as satrap said, trail maintenance is much easier to deal with than capture, propagate, apply, queues, LCRs, spill, and so on.