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    Dashboard Prompt filtering

      I'm creating a dashboard prompt with two fields; region and account. I'm using the "limit values by" option for account so that only the accounts in the selected region display. Now, i'd like to filter out some of the accounts, since some accounts are inactive, etc. I can easily do that with a "sql results" statement, but then the "limit values by" option disappears. I'd like to do both.

      I have seen two solutions online. One is to use the following sql statement to mimic the "liimit values by" option, which just doesn't seem to work.
      SELECT "Dim Account"."ACCT_NME" FROM "TSA Sales - Truck Order Job" WHERE "Dim Account"."TSR_NME" IN (SELECT "Dim Account"."TSR_NME" FROM "TSA Sales - Truck Order Job")

      The second is to se a presentation variable for region, and use that in the sql statement for account. That has the drawback of needing to click "apply" to set the presentation variable and have the second list be filtered correctly.
      SELECT "Dim Account"."ACCT_NME" FROM "TSA Sales - Truck Order Job" WHERE "Dim Account"."TSR_NME"='@{variables.Region}

      Do those sound like my only two options?


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