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I got a IllegalStateException when to call a .Net web service

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We are evaluating a vendor's web service, which is written in .net. The generated client has compiler error because an exception class tries to override getMessage() method with a different return type (see attached code). I renamed the method to solved compiling error. Now we I test the client I got following message:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not find binding for QNameProperty Message : BindingTypeName[java.lang.String;t=Message] Bean type :class org.datacontract.schemas.x2004.x07.trizettoqnxtintegration.BusinessFault XmlType {}BusinessFault
     at weblogic.wsee.bind.runtime.internal.Deploytime109MappingHelper.createQNameProps(
     at weblogic.wsee.bind.runtime.internal.Deploytime109MappingHelper.processTypeMappings(
     at weblogic.wsee.bind.runtime.internal.Deploytime109MappingHelper.initBindingFileFrom109dd(
     at weblogic.wsee.bind.runtime.internal.Deploytime109MappingHelper.<init>(
     at weblogic.wsee.bind.runtime.internal.RuntimeBindingsBuilderImpl.createRuntimeBindings(
     at weblogic.wsee.jaxrpc.ServiceImpl.init(
     at weblogic.wsee.jaxrpc.ServiceImpl.<init>(
     at org.lacare.qnxt.member.MemberService_Impl.<init>(
     at org.lacare.qnxt.member.MemberService_Impl.<init>(
     at org.lacare.qnxt.member.IMemberServicePortClient.<init>(
     at org.lacare.qnxt.member.IMemberServicePortClient.main(

//Source code:
public class BusinessFault extends java.lang.Exception {
private noNamespace.Message message;

public noNamespace.Message getMessage() {
return this.message;

public BusinessFault() {

public BusinessFault(noNamespace.Message message) {
this.message = message;

Any suggestion to handle this issue?


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