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      Hi All,

      We are trying to create a NFS mountpoint between Hp-UX and LINUX servers to be used for crossplatform transportable tablespaces. We will use that mountpoint to convert the datafiles to target endian formats, so that they will be available to target side to plugin.

      What are the options that we need to include during the mount of filesystem. I know oracle requires a lock on it so we need to use certain mount option.

      Can any one help me to get in right direction ?

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          Here is an example, but I recommend you ask your Unix admin:
                  dev             = "oranfs2"
                  vfs             = nfs
                  nodename        = nfssrv1
                  mount           = true
                  options         = bg,hard,sec=sys,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,nointr
                  account         = false
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            Is there any document ? why i am asking is sometime backup NFS mount point will be different than what we actually needed. I remember that one time I can't used the datapump using one of NFS directory.