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    Unable to Open SO Form in OM

      Hi Gurus

      I am unable to open sales order form in Order management modules, getting error message as "APP-AR-96575: Ledger not found" and 100501: non-Oracle Exception.

      As per this error message found that system options are not defined correctly in AR module, if I open the system options for respective Operating unit getting error message as "APP-AR-29447: system options were already defined for this operating unit. you can only view or update these options.

      I am trying to update the details in system options but getting same errorr message, not found any solution in Metalink also.

      By mistake we ran 'replicate seed data' yesterday, after that this issue happend, is there any impact if we run replicate seed data after doing all setups, we ran 3 times this concurrent problem.

      All profile options are set correctly, appreciate resolution for above problem.


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