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    Ora-20001 Invalid input parameter  =>parameter string(appended) ORA-06512 a

      Hi, I am scheduler adminstrator. The oracle job is scheduled to run monthly. Currently it abended with Above error. The extra string is found with the parameter. The user is blaming the scheduler is appending an extra string to the parameter. The First user sent me this error log :
      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-20001: |DATA_MAINTENANCE|Invalid Input Parameter |Group name =>
      ORA-06512: at line 13

      Then later clarify with more detail saying it is scheduler who throwing an error.

      /bin/ksh /thpdb/data_scripts/job/data_maint_process_data_by_group -n ods_err_tables_qtrly -g ERR$/thpdata:/usr/bin/false^Jeaius

      The job definition ends at ERR$.

      The definition is: /thpdb/data_scripts/job/data_maint_process_data_by_group -n ods_err_tables_qtrly -g ERR$
      I am not sure, and need help. There is no update occur in our scheduling application but not sure about the oracle yet. I believe this the db application error. Please help

      Thanks for your help in advance!