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    ATG Search | Query Rules are not executing


      We want to put some search relaxation, for example partial entry of a search term returns results i.e.if user enter "shi" results should show all shirts.

      Followed following steps for that,

      1) Created query rules for wildcard pattern with a actions.(For example created a pattern "shi*" and action "prop,string,displayName,Shirt" , so that when a user enter "shi", search results would return all products whose name contain "Shirt" or "Shirts".

      2) After indexing, verified Query Rules are applied; using "Index Review" (QueryRuleLoad -- 4 rules, 4 patterns, 4 actions, from stream)

      3) Layered the component /atg/commerce/search/catalog/QueryRequest property ruleMode to exec so that search request contain "ruleMode=exec" as per ATG docs.

      4) Clear and Disable cache using the component : /atg/search/routing/CacheService/

      5) Search submitted on site for "shi".

      6) Verified Search request XML that "ruleMode=exec" is being send to Search Engine.

      But as per query rules, search results/response are not coming, verified response XML, but didn't find any clue.

      Are we missing any configuration for query rules to execute or the pattern & action which we have created are not proper ?