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    Horizontal Plan Suggestions and Calculations


      I am facing an issue in understanding the ASCP Horizontal Plan calculations for EBS ver 12.1.3.

      I have made 1 FG Item, 1 RM Item and BOM of FG with component requirement 1 for 1 FG Item. Entered the Forecast of FG = 100 bucket type days.
      Made 1 resource allocated to single department and on routing available 24 Hrs without shifts with usage 1 and assigned units 1. Means 24 units can be made in 24 hrs.
      Now when i am launching the Resource constraint plan with no supplier constraint and wit no lead times option, the planner work bench is suggesting me batches with quantity 22 for 3 days and 21 for 1 day than 13 for 1 day. In horizontal plan the available hours are 24 but required hours shown are 22.

      Can any one tell me on what basis the suggested Qty for Job is 22 or 21 though the available resource hours are 24. I am also perplexed in understanding the calculations of Horizontal Plan for the following Available Hours, Required Hours, Net Hours Available, Capacity Load Ratio for current day and for the proceeding days.

      Also the Suggested Dates and Times shown are confusing.

      Thanks in Advance


      Farhan Ahmed