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    ATG-Endeca Basic Set up

      Hi All.

      I have the ATG-CRS(ATG10.1.1) up and running. Now i want to integrate it with Endeca

      As mentioned i have i have installed the Endeca related Softwares,
      1)Oracle Endeca MDEX Engine 6.3.0
      2)Oracle Endeca Platform Services 6.1.3
      3) Oracle Endeca Developer Studio 6.1.2
      4)Oracle Endeca Tools and Frameworks with Experience Manager 3.1.0

      I am able to see/ access http://atgtelco.idc.oracle.com:8006/ and http://atgtelco.idc.oracle.com:8006/endeca_jspref/ .

      Now i am stuck here, what do i need to do to integrate ATG-CRS with Endeca??? What is the next step? What else i need to do in on Endeca side???

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          Kristen G-Oracle
          I recommend checking out the 10.1.2 release that is now available (within the last day) - it has CRS integration with Experience Manager. The updated integration guide (there is also one for 10.1.1) is here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E36434_01/Platform.10-1-2/ATGEndecaIntegrationGuide/html/index.html