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    Not able to see the balancing segment values defined in COA

      I have created the new accounting setup with custom business group bg. While defining accounting setup, I created new primery ledger, added two new legal entities (le, and 'le soft'). The COA has 4 segments - company, cost-center, department and account. Company is the balancing segment and has 3 values (01-motor, 02-soft, 03-software).
      While defining accounting options, I have attached both legal entities to primery ledger and added the balancing segements 01 and 02 to le and 03 to 'le soft' legal entity respectively.
      defined 2 operating units - cars and trucks.

      Ran 'replicate seed data program' after completing the same.
      Attached the security profile bg to HR:Security profile and set other MOAC profile options for PO responsibility.

      Now logged into PO responsibility and opened financial options screen to define same for cars operating unit. while entering 'liabilities' account, I am not able to see any values in company segment. while, all other segments are getting proper defined values.

      Please let me know what I am missing here.