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      db and dev 10g rel2 ,
      hi all ,
      my button's job is to read a .csv file with text_io and insert the file's data into a table in my database ,
      and it is working , but
      -the .csv file has the column's headers , not only the data of the column .
      - all my database table are "varchar2(90)" .
      - when i eliminate the headers from the csv file i test , it works fine ,and the data is inserted into my db table ,
      but if i put the headers , i face the error "ora-06502" --numeric or value error .

      - the csv file contains id , date ,time and string columns , and the headers are strings"names of the columns",
      and my table has varchar2(90) columns "all of it" ?

      why i am facing this error ora-06502? while "varchar2" type accepts all data types "date,string,number,..." ?

      thanks in advance