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    Why WLS 11g embedded Coherence won't start by default?

    Calvin Liu
      Hi there,

      I have 2 questions about the Coherence and WebLogic Server (11g) integration
      1.     Why the default Coherence server is not bootable?
      Yes I can create Coherence servers within the WLS admin console. But I have to manually set the JVM classpath for coherence.jar and weblogic.server.modules.coherence.server_10.3.5.0.jar. Why is that?
      2.     How to start/stop Coherence server with WLST script?
      I can use WLST script to access Coherence servers that are created with the WLS admin console, and update something properties like JVM arguments. However I dind’t find a way to start/stop the Coherence server. It seems that the Coherence server doesn’t belong to “Server” type. What should I do?