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    Use of MAX function


      I am using parent-child hierarchy and in my reports I want to show Max(hierarchy_level). When I use the function MAX directly in the report it works fine in every way. But I want to have this kind of column in the BI Server presentation catalog so the user does not need to add MAX in Analysis/Answers (this is 11g). Normally this would imply a Max(hierarchy_level) as a logical function, but in the BI Server it is not allowed with MAX function in the logical function so it does not work.

      The hierarchy level is just a column from a dimension table and creating it as a fact column is not a very good solution. I also tried to solve this in many different ways, but only the MAX funtion in Analysis/Answers allways give the correct result. Used in combination with other dimensions etc. I want the exact same behaviour as I get when using MAX in analysis.

      Any good ideas to solve this? Is there another function in the BI Server that works the same way as MAX ?