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    Handling Nested for loops in transformation XSLT

      I want to handle nested for each loops inside the transformation sheet.
      I have two source collections and one target collection.
      I have to Lookup the key value in source1 in source2 and if the key is found, i have to map value to target and if the key is not found, i want to may the key itself to target.

      Below are the sample input and expected outputs from the transformation sheet. Please help in transforming to the required format.

      <Key> a </Key>
      <Value> i </Value>
      <Key> b </Key>
      <Value> ii </Value>
      <Key> c </Key>
      <Value> iii </Value>
      <Feild1> z </Feild1>
      <Feild1> x </Feild1>
      <Feild1> c </Feild1>
      <Feild1> v </Feild1>
      <Feild1> b </Feild1>