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    Crash CSSD with clssnmvDiskKillCheck: Aborting, killed by install operation


      I have a serious problem and wonder if anyone can help me?

      The bank is connected in Oracle Storage specifications as in 3 LUN 2 GB and the rest in another LUN, was running at more than 6 months, 15 days began to start some crashes, EMC indificou that the HBA drives were outdated, held starting the update and this time the cluster does not rise more.

      Below the point where the problem is preventing the rise of ASM:

      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [   SKGFD][4236]Handle 0000000006E56580 from lib :UFS:: for disk :\\.\ORCLDISKCRSVOTE0:

      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [    CSSD][4236]clssnmFindVF: found VF by skid in the discovered queue
      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [    CSSD][4236]clssnmFindVF: Duplicate voting file found in the queue of previously discovered disks queued(\\.\ORCLDISKCRSVOTE0|[946e09f1-993d4fa9-bf09935f-3d2e1381]), found(\\.\ORCLDISKCRSVOTE0|[946e09f1-993d4fa9-bf09935f-3d2e1381])
      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [    CSSD][4236]clssnmvDiskCreate: Found a duplicate voting file with same file name and UID as the newly discovered disk \\.\ORCLDISKCRSVOTE0. Rejecting the newly discovered disk.
      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [    CSSD][4236]clssnmvDiskDestroy: removing the voting disk \\.\ORCLDISKCRSVOTE0
      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [   SKGFD][4236]Lib :UFS:: closing handle 0000000006E56580 for disk :\\.\ORCLDISKCRSVOTE0:

      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [    CSSD][4236]clssnmvDiskVerify: Successful discovery of 0 disks

      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [    CSSD][4236]clssnmCompleteInitVFDiscovery: Completing initial voting file discovery

      2012-12-27 08:54:37.225: [    CSSD][4236](:CSSNM00072:)clssnmCompleteInitVFDiscovery: Detected voting file add in progress for CIN 0:1356115040:0, waiting for configuration to complete 0:1356115033:0

      2012-12-27 08:54:38.239: [ default][4236]Cannot get GPnP profile. Error CLSGPNP_NO_DAEMON (GPNPD daemon is not running).

      2012-12-27 08:54:38.239: [    CSSD][4236]clssnmRecycleProfile: clsgpnp_getProfile failed with 13
      2012-12-27 08:54:38.239: [    CSSD][4236]clssnmvDDiscThread: error recycling profile