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    Format change from windows xp to windows 7

      Hi Everyone,

      i have developed bi publisher reports in windows xp system .That time the xdo and xdm format was like below

      Report_name.xdo -->CORROLFN.xdo
      report_name.xdm -->CORROLFN.xdm

      But in windows 7 system when i am developing same report giving as below format.

      report_name%2exdo -->CORROLFN%2exdo
      report_name%2exdm --->CORROLFN%2exdm

      and two more file getting generated

      report_name%2exdo.atr -->CORROLFN%2exdo.atr
      report_name%2exdm.atr --->CORROLFN%2exdm.atr

      So my web services start failing when i moved from xp to 7 system.

      Any help is highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance