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    Common Cost - Asset allocation

      Please help with the following:
      Our requirement is:
      1) We have common costs assigned at the task level.
      2) Our assets are assigned to tasks
      3) Assets for the project are placed into service at various dates.
      4) When common cost is allocated at the time of asset creation, it should only allocate part of the common cost that goes into service. For assets that do not go into service, common cost should be available for allocation in future.

      I tried to work with Asset Allocation client extension. It does not allow me to leave any common cost unassigned after partially assigning the common cost to the assets that are placed in service. How do we leave some of the common cost unassigned for assets that will be placed in service in future.

      What can we do to achieve the desired objective.


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          Dina Rotem

          You may consider Projects allocations.
          You could allocate the cost incurred at the common task to the various task of the project. The cost allocation will offset the common cost task.
          Any assets in other tasks that is placed in service will absorb the common cost you already allocated to that asset task.
          Allocated costs in other assets task will remain in CIP until you capitalize the next assets of the other tasks.