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    Webcenter Spaces: Dynamic list of items to display in a page

      I have a dynamic query created with backing bean in Webcenter portal, it has a input field and command button. My query returns items dynamically. Now, I want the similar functionality in Spaces. I tried uploading the content presenter template with the input field and command button and backing bean. But Its not working same way it does in portal. Please let me know.

      I created:
      * Created a backing bean which createds a dynamic query based in input text field.
      * Created a jspx file and added content presenter and modified parameters with bean information.
      * When portal application runs, the content is displayed.

      Then, I created Content presenter template with input text field and command button and created .ear file from resource catalog.
      Uploaded to Spaces.
      I created a page in space, and tried add content, then the wizard forces to select the content type aswell.

      Please help with the above.