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    Impport *.dmp file from PROD to QA (METADATA_ONLY)

      Hi Gurus,

      I have to use data pump export/import to do the following

      - Export *.dmp file for all instances
      - login as SYS
      - CREATE DIRECTORY pump_dir_trx AS 'd:\temp\pump_dir';
      - Explicitly create from DOS prompt the directory d:\temp\pump_dir
      - expdp sys DIRECTORY=pump_dir_trx DUMPFILE=wisc.dmp CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY;

      I need to know what extra step I need to perform to give Oracle all access to the directory created since in Oracle site, it is written
      You must also create a corresponding operating system directory for file storage. Your system or database administrator must ensure that the operating system directory has the correct read and write permissions for Oracle Database processes.

      I also need to get the wisc.dmp file after the export is done successfully. Will it be available in 'd:\temp\pump_dir' or someplace else.