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    Cloud Trial connection/roles issues

      I have a few connection issues with the Oracle Trail account, both with Identity Console and sftp.

      If I sign into the Account Administration URL using the user name listed in the trial acceptance e-mail (the "Identity Domain Administrator") and look under My Account -> Account Administrators, that account is listed as an Account Administrator. However, if I sign into My Services (via cloud.oracle.com) with the same username and I click Identity Console, I can only see my own account info indicating I'm not actually the Identity Domain Admin. Another strange thing is that the cloud.oracle.com url accepts the same user name stated above but requires a different password? This leads me to think two accounts were created somehow. (I have since changed the passwords to be the same for simplicity).

      When I created a SQL Developer cloud connection, this will not take the "Identity Domain Admin" username. The error is "Invalid Resource owner Credentials". Looking at the forum, I tried creating an Apex user as described in the http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/CSDBU/develop.htm#CSDBU165. I granted the new user the 3 groups. When I try this username, it also will not log into the sftp server. This errors with, "Http/1.1 401 Unauthorized".

      Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve these issues?


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          Rituraj Jain-Oracle
          Hi Steve,

          For your first query i.e. you are able to see just your account info, can you please confirm are you able to see “Manage Roles” link on "Identity Console page". Please note that there is an expandable button in bottom left corner of the “Identity Console” page, upon expanding the button you should be able to see “Manage Roles” link in left hand side of the web page.

          For your secound query, I would recommend you to please try resetting your SFTP Password. For details please refer "Setting up Secure FTP Account" section at http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/CSDBU/develop.htm#BABIDECC
          Just for your reference you may refer “Using SQL Developer for Data Loading” section at http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/CSDBU/develop.htm#CSDBU179 that will help you to guide you in details for Data loading using SQL Developer tool.

          Rituraj Jain
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            I cannot see the Manage Roles Link and there is no expandable button at the left corner of the page. I think the account is not setup properly. Without this functionality, I cannot reset my sftp password using the instructions in the url you mention.