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    multipackage missing export file

      I want to write two applets and they are not in the same package.
      The app1/class1 in package1 will import app2/class2 in package2. Also, the app2/class2 in package2 will import app1/class1 in package1.

      When compiling, missing export file errors occur. How to solve this errors?
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          Hana Bizhani

          that's because of cyclic reference, why do you wanna use cyclic reference?!

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            In Java Card you can think of a package as an individual JAR file. When you build a package, you need all of the details of any imported packages for the converter to work. This means you need to have successfully converted all packages you import. This is why you cannot convert with a circular reference like you have. What you need to do is to split the common code into a library package that can be used by both applets. You can also just move them into the same package.

            - Shane