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    Update from Oracle  to


      I have Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production installed on red hat server. I want to update it to oracle
      Please suggest steps to be followed.

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          kuljeet singh -
          Upgrade Guide
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            As suggested, read the upgrade guide first. Go through it all and make notes about what applies to your environment and what you need to do.
            Decide if you are going to use the DBUA or manually upgrade it.

            There are some extensive notes here, part way down the page, on a [url http://www.ora00600.com/articles/10g-to-11g-database-upgrade.html]10g to 11g upgrade, with step-by-step instructions. Although not exactly the same, there will be a lot of crossover. You will probably be able to remove parts such as the ACL configuration as you have probably done it already for 11g.

            Also, check out this article about a new [url http://www.ora00600.com/scripts/11g/10g-to-11g-upgrade.html]11g resource manager plan which is enabled be default and my cause you issues. It might be fine but just one to look out for.