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    SDDM 3.3 EA Import of foreign key names from Designer

    Guenter Reberschak, TU GRAZ

      Maybe it is not possible or I am missing the important thing. Searching here didn't help me or I am not using the right search terms.

      I am importing entities from Designer and when I look at the foreign key names they look like 'relation_1(and so on...).
      Well at entity level I can live with it but when engineering the entities to tables I must have a name like


      as the name for the foreign key and further Table1shortname_table2shortname_FK_I for the Index.

      I looked at tools - preferences - data modeler - naming standard - Templates and changed 'Foreign Key' field to '{child abbr}_{parent abbr}_FK'
      then I marked 2 entities where there is an FK-relation - right click - properties - click on naming rules - click ok but the name of the relation stays the same

      So can someone point me please in the right direction to get this done or show me where my thinking is wrong?

      Thank you in advance

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