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    af:tree With Multiple Child Table


      I have a requirement where i have to show a af:tree with child records from two different view Iterators, I created one tree but facing a issue. It shows the name of the Child view iterators and then the record inside it.
      Like :-
      ---> DummyRecord1 *(Record from Parent Iterator)*
      ------------>viewIterator1 *(Name of the First Child Iterator)*
      -------------------->DummyRecord2 *(Record from First Child Iterator)*
      ------------>viewIterator2 *(Name of the Sec Child Iterator)*
      -------------------->DummyRecord2 *(Record from Sec Child Iterator)*

      But i don't want to show the Name of the Child iterators in the tree.I want the tree something like:-

      ---> DummyRecord1 *(Record from Parent Iterator)*
      -------------------->DummyRecord2*(Record from First Child Iterator)*
      -------------------->DummyRecord3 *(Record from Sec Child Iterator)*
      My .Jspx code:-

      <af:tree value="#{bindings.*someViewIterator*.treeModel}"
      rowSelection="single" id="t1">
      <f:facet name="nodeStamp">
      <af:outputText value="#{node}" id="ot1"/>
      My Page Def code:-
      ><variableIterator id="variables"/>
      > <iterator Binds="*someView*" RangeSize="25"
      > DataControl="AppModuleDataControl"
      <tree IterBinding="*someViewIterator*"
      <nodeDefinition DefName="*someView*"
      <Item Value="nodeValue"/>
      <Item Value="viewIterator2"/>
      <Item Value="viewIterator3"/>
      <nodeDefinition DefName="viewIterator2"
      <Item Value="nodeValue"/>
      <nodeDefinition DefName="viewIterator3"
      <Item Value="nodeValue"/>
      I am using JDev
      Why is Tree component creating an extra level showing the iterator name, is there any way to remove that level and show the tree with the actual records only...
      Thanks in advance..