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    The transaction is in doubt with ProxyUser

    Slawek Rosiek
      I have problem with transactions and proxy user. When I'm using AQ queues, transaction scope and proxy user I'm receiving the following exception:

      System.Transactions.TransactionInDoubtException: The transaction is in doubt.
      at System.Transactions.TransactionStatePromotedIndoubt.PromotedTransactionOutcome(InternalTransaction tx)
      at System.Transactions.CommittableTransaction.Commit()
      at System.Transactions.TransactionScope.InternalDispose()
      at System.Transactions.TransactionScope.Dispose()

      This behavior occurs only when I enable connecting with proxy user and probably only in cases when I'm invoking some stored procedure. When I stop using proxy user everything works great. That problem occurs only when I deploy my application on stage machine. On my machine and my team mate's all works great. I suppose that MSDTC or OraMTS on stage machine is incorrectly configured. How can I compare configuration of both?

      I'm using ODP.NET and Oracle