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    Planning unit not starting


      I have created a planning unit but when I am starting the planing unit, it is not starting and nothing is
      happening in that window. There is no change in the status as First pass and no information in sub status.

      Previously I was getting error "Failed to authorize users" but after that I think there is no
      update in the relational tables.

      I think it could be the problem with the security as I am testing something and I have assigned
      all the users to all the entities.

      Can anybody help me with this....What I am missing;whether it is planning unit hierarchy or the security.

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          Jake Turrell
          Which Approvals template are you using? Free Form, Bottom Up or Distribute? Have you assigned any owners in the Planning Unit Hierarchy?

          This type of error often occurs when you assign an owner in the Planning Unit hierarchy that doesn't actually have access to the Planning Unit (as defined in dimension security). Planning goes to start the Planning Unit, and tries to assign the owner, and figures out that the owner can't access the Planning Unit.

          This may not be your issue, but if you'll provide some additional details, we should be able to figure it out.

          Hope this helps,
          - Jake
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            Thanks Jake for the reply...

            Actually I didn't assigned the security to scenario and version member which I thought was there and I was getting this error.
            After assigning security to the scenario and version member, it got resolved..

            Thanks again.........