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    Agreements Not Being Picked For SFTP Protocol in Oracle 11G

      Hi Anuj ,

      PFB the Details of the Issue :

      Agreements are not being picked for SFTP protocol even though From TP , To TP , Document Type and Revision are picked correctly .

      We are running on MLR11 , Version : . Also we have set b2b.useCPAid to false in EM Properties so that Agreement is picked based on DocType Name , Revision and Partner Id's .

      Also when we used File Protocol its working Fine . The problem exists for SFTP Protocol .

      Error Code : B2B-50547

      Error Description     Machine Info: (gwl09072appg084) Description: Agreement not found for trading partners: FromTP TestEbxml, ToTP BTGS with document type rqRequestServiceRequest-1.0-INBOUND.

      Patch Level : 14114625

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