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    SQL Developer 3.2 and APEX Listener 2.0

      We require an Anti-virus solution as part of our APEX installation. SQL Developer 3.2 can now administer the APEX Listener and it appears that the only way to configure the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) to set the server name and port so that we can point it at an Anti Virus Server is via SQL Developer. This may be ok for test environments but we do not want SQL Developer anywhere near our Production environments.

      I wondered if anybody had a workaround for this i.e. another way to set ICAP server and port name without using SQL Developer?


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          Liz Saunders-Oracle
          In the Application Express Listener Installation and Configuration Guide (Release 2.0), refer to the section on "About the Configuration File". You can manually update the configuration file, defaults.xml, and include the ICAP port and ICAP server which are required for virus scanning.


          <entry key="icap.port">1234</entry>
          <entry key="icap.server">servername</entry>

          Liz Saunders