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    OEM 12c agent -  target name for oracle_home incorrect

    Carl Meske-Oracle
      We have a question re: the OEM agent.

      Why would the target name for oracle_home be different than the hostname that the agent is running on?

      In this case, the agent target name is sometimes the same as the hostname, as this:
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-002-001-018
      hostname = cbdn-000-002-001-018

      but we also see this:
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-00-2-002-018
      but hostname is cbdn-000-002-002-018

      -bash-3.2$ emcli get_targets -target=oracle_home
      Status Status Target Type Target Name
      -9 n/a oracle_home oms12c1_4_esn-mgr
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-00-2-002-018
      -9 n/a oracle_home webtier12c1_31_esn-mgr
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-006-001-018
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-005-001-018
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-007-001-018
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-004-001-018
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-002-001-018
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_3_cbdn-000-006-002-018
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_2_cbdn-000-00-1-002-018
      -9 n/a oracle_home agent12c1_16_esn-mgr
      -9 n/a oracle_home WebLogicServer10_3_5_0_esn-mgr_1204

      -bash-3.2$ emcli get_targets -target=oracle_emd
      Status Status Target Type Target Name
      1 Up oracle_emd cbdn-000-004-001-016.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      2 Metric Collecti oracle_emd onap-pcmgr.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      on Error
      1 Up oracle_emd cbdn-000-006-001-016.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      6 Status Pending oracle_emd cbdn-000-009-001-016.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      1 Up oracle_emd cbdn-000-002-001-016.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      1 Up oracle_emd cbdn-000-005-001-016.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      4 Agent Unreachab oracle_emd cbdn-000-006-002-016.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      6 Status Pending oracle_emd cbdn-000-008-001-016.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      1 Up oracle_emd cbdn-000-007-001-016.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872
      1 Up oracle_emd esn-mgr.clmgmt.ocnap.private:3872

      Thanks for the help.