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    How do you do price-based corrections for AP via the XML Gateway.

      We are receiving data via the XML Gateway and currently the way the data comes through we get qty-based corrections, but not price-based corrections. We'd like to have both come through.

      In my research I found that there are 3 fields (see below) that would need to be populated in the ap_invoice_lines_interface table for a price based correction. It appears that in the seeded XML mapping used for the XML Gateway and these fields are not included. Is that right or am I missing something?

      This is the mapping template used for the Invoicing Gateway:

      This page shows the fields that are mapped for the above template. It’s in the Invoicing section.

      The three fields I think we need for price-based corrections:



      Use a price correction when a supplier sends an invoice for a change in unit price for an invoice that you have matched to a purchase order. You record a price correction by entering a Standard or Credit invoice, setting this flag to Y, and entering the base-matched invoice in the PRICE_CORRECT_INV_NUM column.

      Payables records and updates the invoiced unit price of previously matched purchase order shipment or distributions without adjusting the quantity billed so you can track price variances. Payables also updates the amount billed on the originally matched purchase order distributions.


      If you have set the PRICE_CORRECTION_FLAG to Y to indicate that this is a price correction, then you must enter the number of the base-matched invoice here


      Invoice line subject to the price correction

      So, my question is, can this be done without modifying the seeded template, or is there another seeded template out there that could be used so that we can populate these 3 fields? If there is no way to do this via the seeded template, is a custom template advisable?