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    Logical Key for Degenerate Dimension

      Hi Gurus,

      Need some help on the degenerate dimensions in the BMM layer.

      I have one fact table with dimension attributes and I would like to move the attributes into separate logical table and treat it as dimension.

      Now my newly created dimension has the Fact LTS and I would like to assign a logical key to the newly created table and then create the logical dimension.

      Can anyone provide some inputs on we can assign the logical key to the column?

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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          What are you expecting based out new logical dimension?

          Try to create alias for fact in Physical layer and then join with fact.
          Or else keep the existing implementation and use the separate presentation table to have dimension column. This would avoid a join too..

          If helps pls mark

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            Hi Srini,

            Since my main logical fact table consists of two LTS and the dimension being created from this table will also have 2 LTS, the content level will be set to all levels on which the fact is joined.

            So I would like to create a logical dimension based out of my dimension and then assign the content level at the detail level.

            Please let me know if I am not clear.