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    OIM API - User - Customized Attributes


      In the OIM API, oracle.iam.identity.usermgmt.vo.User, comes with a set of pr-defined User attributes. Usually, each customer has their own set of User attributes, which is likely different from the set of OIM User's. To handle this difference, and meet customer's requirements, it means that we need to extend OIM User to include customer specific attributes. Is that possible?

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          Rajiv Dewan

          You can go to Advance Console and add attributes under User Attributes (OIM 11g R1) and in OIM 11g R2, go to SYSADMIN > Form Designer > User form > Edit > Add your field.
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            Documentation for R2 http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27559_01/admin.1112/e27149/customattr.htm#BABGDEIC
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              In addition to Rajiv's comment for 11gR2,
              You also need to include consider following points -
              - Need to add this newly created attribute to user profile/self-user profile. This can be done with the help of sandbox and then performing UI customization.
              (Refer Data Components for this)
              - Set appropriate properties such as visible/read/write permission to authorized members using EL (if required)