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    Logical Reads for a SQL ID

      Dear Experts,

      Any idea how we can find out Logical reads for a SQL ID over a 24 hour period? AWR shows physical reads info.. any data dictionary view that captures logical I/O?

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          Figured it out.. This is it:
          col Time_Taken for 999999999999
          col log_reads for 9999999999999
          select sql_id, sum(disk_reads_delta) as phy_reads, sum(BUFFER_GETS_DELTA) as log_reads, sum(ELAPSED_TIME_DELTA/1000000) as Time_Taken 
          from dba_maint.DB_HIST_SQLSTATS
          where PARSING_SCHEMA_NAME='USERNAME' and BEGIN_INTERVAL_TIME>='03-JAN-13' and sql_id in ('abcdefghijkl')
          group by sql_id order by  phy_reads, log_reads, time_taken desc;