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    DB Connection with thin driver is hanging in Oracel EM 10g

      I have couple of J2EE applications deployed in Oracel 10g EM.
      The applications build using Struts and JDBC.
      I am using java thin driver to make DB Connection

      Problem: When ever I make the db connection call, it is hanging there and not returning the db connection.

      Observation: I have verified in serverlogs, applicationlogs but nothing i found. Hence I have created a separate static class and make the jdbc connection which is very quick and working fine.
      I have ran the below command at the shell prompt: lsof -i:1521 | wc -l
      It returned 128 connections.

      I really did not uderstand what exactly went wrong here, Is there any problem with my application server or with my application.
      Kindly get back to me what exactly is the wrong here, also Please let me know if you need more information.

      Thanks in advance.

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