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    Third Party Document/object  Repository Compatiblity

      We are in the process of planning for the implementation of Oracle Webcenter as our primary Document Management System. I have searched the Webcenter site and forums, but cannot find an answer to my question:

      Can Oracle Webcenter be used with a separate Document Repository? Note these are final documents that are inactive and if revised would also be separate documents. They however it would be useful if they could be searched and capable of being part of the DMS workflow for final dispostion of Documents (not generic "content"), that can be sent from Webcenter. In this scenario, Webcenter is used only as the active document application, and when that document is finalized, sent to the non-Oracle repository.

      If this is possible, can you search that repository via Webcenter? Or is the Webcenter DMS proprietary, and not open source with other non-Oracle based Document and object repositories, e.g. Dspace and Fedora?

      Thank you in advance.
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          I think the answer is: yes, it is possible, but you will need to consider which product is responsible for what functionality.

          There is not any product in the WebCenter portfolio that does indexing. Even WebCenter Content uses other technologies such as Oracle Database (namely, Oracle Text), or Oracle Secure Enterprise Search for that. In fact, Oracle SES might a product you are looking for - but it'd need to be licensed separately, and you'd need to check if there are adapters for the systems you mentioned (or you'd need to write your own, or you a compatible one).

          As for participation in workflows or dispositions (federated records management), it is likewise. WebCenter Content: Records (formerly, Universal Records Management) is capable of federated records management on condition that an adapter exists. In fact, for filesystem repositories (that might be compatible) it uses Oracle SES (which is one of pre-reqs), so it might be the same question as before.
          Alternatively, you could use 'pure workflow' products such as Oracle BPM or BPEL Process Manager that can integrate nearly with anything via SOAP.
          Finally, you could try to 'link' documents in your other repository to document in WebCenter Content. This would probably be a customization.
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            Thank you for the helpful answer. In order to decide if SES is going to work with third party repositories, it may need to go through an API. Especially if it is searching PostgresSQL Since you did not mention an Oracle API for that or Dspace or Fedora specifically, the question becomes one of open API's. This is not just a matter of linking files, but searching them.

            Does Webcenter/SES include open API's? You hinted that it might be possible, but I need to know if that is actually available. Anyone else considering this?

            Thanks again.
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              I found this document listing all available connectors: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/search/oses/ses-connectors-178226.pdf

              I think I also remember (and I hope it was SES and not anything else) that there is a 'generic' connector in which you may write a code for whatever you want. I can't find any reference to that real quick, but the link to the SES documentation is here: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E21698_01/index.htm

              Maybe it'd be better to ask in the SES forum for these details: Secure Enterprise Search
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