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    asmca has grayed out Volumes and ASM Cluster File Systems

      I've got a two node cluster which is up and running with the latest grid install on Oracle Linux 6.3

      I need to get a shared storage location I can use for File I/O testing, ASM looks like the solution with an ASM Cluster File System.

      When I run asmca I do not have the ability to create these volumes or file systems as they are Grayed out.

      I found some instructions on how to get it to work, and they said to use acfsload to start up the required daemons:

      [root@oracleA bin]# ./acfsload start -s
      ACFS-9459: ADVM/ACFS is not supported on this OS version: '2.6.39-300.17.3.el6uek.x86_64'

      I installed Patches: 13146560, 14596051 - Which I thought would fix the problem. Rebooted after successfully applying the patches, but asmca still shows them greyed out
      and not supported on this OS error persists.

      I see some posts online saying to edit osds_acfslib.pm and update it to allow for the supported ORACLE version
      Right now it shows: ($release =~ /^oraclelinux-release/))) # Oracle Linux

      under /etc it only has oracle-release - could that have something to do with it not passing the check?

      uname -r

      From what I can tell this kernal should support asm..

      Any help in getting these shared storage asm disks setup would be very helpful, oracleasm creates them and sees them fine for databases. Thanks.