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    How to get Value of tree node without Reload Page

      i worked with apex 4.2 and i created Tree and tabular form to retrieve the date according the value of tree select node the code of tree something like this

      select case when connect_by_isleaf = 1 then 0
      when level = 1 then 1
      else -1
      end as status,
      "ENAME" as title,
      null as icon,
      "EMPNO" as value,
      null as tooltip,
      'f?p=36648:34:5234984107903::::P40_SELECTED_NODE:'||empno as link
      from "DEPT"."EMP"
      start with "MGR" is null
      connect by prior "EMPNO" = "MGR"
      order siblings by "ENAME
      and i put Selected Node Page Item: P40_SELECTED_NODE . the tree worked good and retrieve the data into tabular form according to tree node value

      my Question :
      1- i want to retrieve the data without submit the page where each time i select value from tree make page reload to update the tabular form with new value ,there is any way to pass the value of tree node to P40_SELECTED_NODE item and refresh tabular form without page reload .

      2- i want when selected from tree run page process according to value of tree node i tray to create Dynamic action with *(jquery selector : div.tree li>a)* but the Value of node incorrect.