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    checking database connectivitty from application server

      Hello All,

      I am installing Peoplesoft on Oracle Linux 6.3 but the database server is running on a different windows server. I have created the Peoplesoft database already using peoplesoft client tools(Data mover, config manager) installed on the same windows server. So now I want to verify the connectivity to the database running on windows server from app server installed on Linux.
      In the peoplesoft installation guide, I didn't find the sufficient instructions to do so :
      Before continuing, it is critical to verify connectivity to the database that the application server domain will use. To verify connectivity, connect to the database server from the >application server using the native SQL tool on the application server.
      For Oracle use SQL*Plus.
      Which SQL tool is it talking about and where I can find it? I have already searched inside $TUX_HOME/bin directory but didn't find any.

      Thanks in advance.