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    Unable to Publish my Portal App - EJB: ProxyPagePersistenceManager

      My Portal application was working fine in a different machine. Now I had to setup weblogic 10.3 in new system(same as old). So I created new domain and while publishing, I am getting the following error:

      weblogic.application.ModuleException: Exception preparing module: EJBModule(netuix.jar)Unable to deploy EJB: ProxyPagePersistenceManager from netuix.jar:
      Exception while attempting to deploy Security Policy: weblogic.security.service.ResourceCreationException: weblogic.security.spi.ResourceCreationException: [Security:090310]Failed to create resource

      I remember I got the same error when publishing the same application in my old system an year ago. But I got it rectified and I am not sure what was done at that time. The steps I followed while creating the domain are:

      1) Selected "Weblogic Server Domain" and "Weblogic Portal" checkboxes
      2) In the final step, I chose the run the DB Scripts. But I did not manually start my Pointbase server.

      But later I found the P13n tables were present in the Pointbase DB.
      My doubt is, should I manually start Pointbase DB and then should have run the DB scripts while creating the domain?
      Because from the below thread, I see following this way has solved it for him.

      If you think this is not the cause, please let me know if any other suggestion for solving this error. Many thanks !