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    Bid RFQ to default & Quote Approval Requd. to be checked on RFQ _Autocreate

      (1) In core Purchasing, After Autocreate from a Requisition the New Document form Opens with Standard RFQ defaulting in RFQ Type field. We need Bid RFQ to default in RFQ Type field.

      (2) Further, after clicking Create Button we navigate to Autocreate to RFQ form, there we have a check box Quote Approval Required. We require the Quote Approval Required to be checked once the RFQ form opens.

      I did personalization on RFQ form where I amable to achieve the above requirement if directly I open the RFQ form. But, if I open the RFQ form thru' autocreate the the personalization is not working.

      Requesting advise to achieve the above requirements, when we navigate the RFQ form via Autocreate option. Thanks.

      With Best Regards,
      Nirabh Nayan