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    component Interface + WSDL

      I am looking for a documents which will help in below questions

      -How to activate Component Interface in vanila instance of peoplesoft.

      - what are the mininmum security roles required order to activate CI.

      - How to test that the CI is working fine.

      Thanks in Advance
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          A pretty old but, still valid demo site:

          Especially have a look at the BPEL demo, where a CI Based webservices is provided and the WSDL is used in BPEL to retrieve data from PeopleSoft

          And off course PeopleBook has a detailed step by step description on how to create a CI Based Service
          PeopleBooks > PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Integration Broker > Creating Component Interface-Based Services

          I usually test webservices using freeware tool soapUI.
          But you can also test using the Integration Broker Testing Utilities and Tools
          See PeopleBooks > PeopleTools 8.52: Integration Broker Testing Utilities and Tools
          Easiest way to test is using the Service Operation Tester
          PeopleBooks > PeopleTools 8.52: Integration Broker Testing Utilities and Tools > Using the Service Operation Tester Utility

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            Thanks a lot Hakan,

            Just a small left over question.....

            By follow below link, can i take use of Purchase Orders and Vouchers through WEB SERVICES and place order through MOBIL or cell phone.


            thanks in Advance
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              Theoretically you can create Component Interfaces for any Component and therefor you can also create CI based web services for any component.

              However ...

              Not every component is fit to be used as component interface.
              PO & Vouchers are large components with a lot of entry fields and consist of several pages, which would make the web service request huge and complex.
              And I am only talking about entry, not talking about the approval of submitting/matching.
              Also be aware of that PeopleCode sometimes contains following code

              If %CompIntfcName = "" then
              /* Processing */

              All PeopleCode within this if statement will not execute when called from a Component Interface, usually think time functions.
              Meaning PeopleCode can execute differently when called from a Component Interface.

              If you want to create mobile pages, you should have as less as possible data entry fields, especially if you also want to enable it on cell phones.
              For example, try entering a PO/Voucher from your tabled and notice the difference/discomfort compared to a PC.

              That is why PeopleSoft has developed Mobile Expenses and Approvals, with minimum data entry, using iScripts that can call Component Interfaces for data entry and jQuery for styling it for Mobile.
              Of course you could also create mobile solutions for PeopleSoft with Oracle ADF (Mobile), as you mentioned for Mobile Inventory.

              See following for Mobile Expenses and Approvals

              To summarize:
              Do not use Component Interfaces as web services for large components.
              If you still want to create web services for large component, test, test & test again.

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                Thanks hakan, All my queries has been resolved.....if i need further help , i will hit this thread again

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                  You're welcome ;)