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    error installing OEM 12c patch, # /14807119

    Carl Meske-Oracle
      I am trying to install patch 14807119

      Oracle Management Service 12c Release 2 (
      Patch for Bug# 14807119
      Platform: Generic
      Released: Nov 14, 2012

      This document describes how you can install the one-off patch for bug#
      14807119 on your Oracle Mangement Service 12c Release 2 (


      Fails with this error message:

      OUI-67073:UtilSession failed: Patch 13079372 requires component(s) that are not installed in OracleHome. These not-installed components are oracle.sysman.oms.core:,

      Any ideas? I could not find any info on the oracle.sysman.oms.core component.