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    How to recycle memory taken by olt-agent ?

    Hank Zhao-Oracle
      The olt-agent.exe takes ~1GB of memory in my test and doesn't release them after test is done. If I kick off a new test, another olt-agent.exe will start to servce the request but the old one is still in memory.

      I have to restart the olt machine after serval tests to avoid out of memory issue. Is there any way to close/restart olt-agent manually to release memory ?

      Thanks a lot

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          You can only restart the OATS agent service from the service control panel.

          In 12.2:
          net stop "Oracle ATS Agent"
          net start "Oracle ATS Agent"

          In previous release, I think the name was "Oracle Application Testing Suite Agent Service"
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            You may find the following useful:


            Process Explorer can be used to monitor individual processes/trees but can also be used to stop (kill) them. I've used it in the past when I've had issues with the olt-agent not stopping.

            Another thing you might want to consider is changing the "Maximum Users Per Process" under the Advanced Options in OLT. Rather than leaving as the "unlimited" default, try different values e.g. 50 VUs per process would spawn 4 olt-agent processes for 200VUs.