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    date handeling in ogg.


      windows server 2008 and sqlserver 2005 , oracle 11g express r2, ogg for sqlserver V34016-01.
      and ogg112101_ggs_Windows_x86_ora11g_32bit
      about configuration of parm files and globles they all have minium configuration. except globles has USEANSISQLQUOTES on oracle side.
      which few managers on both side.

      after replicating i have see dates are transfering properlly
      but, i would like to know , that how dates are transferd by ogg from mssql to oracle.
      , it decieds the source date formate and targe formate,
      i have read about the functions of date in ogg that says about source date format and target date formate,
      but the problem is how to find good formate , far universion situation.
      so that nothing happen to transfer of date in any condition , whether date formate of operating system or database are diffrent or same.

      so please suggest some universal date formate and please also tel me how date is handeld by ogg while transfering as stated above.

      yours sincerely

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